10:22 AM

Hello everyone! I hope you are going great, enjoying the first pieces of spring!
 Well, as you might guess for my recent absense, I'm dealing with much these days, and I'm preventing myself to tell a bit too much, a bit too soon. But of course not even the tremendous amount of wor or my companion named flu could keep me away from here, and especially from telling you the winner of our Fancy Paperie Giveaway.

I used the number generator system to select one of you in the most random and fair way. I was really happy to see you all taing your chances, and I can't than you enough for maing this happen. But, let's get to what matters, our winner.
The winner for our Fancy Paperie Giveaway is our dear friend Mariana Azevedo! - I hope she'll find so much joy in this little set! 

I remind you to follow Amanda's works and to keep an eye onto her The Fancy Paperie store on Etsy, where I guarantee you'll find more beatiful and delicious items, both for letters and stomach (her cookies look lie taen out from a Wes Anderson film). Make her a visit and enjoy the nice discount she is giving all of Send it Forward's followers by using the code MAF15, along the purchased items.

With love, 

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  1. Thank you :D I will post a photo when it arrives so you can see my smiley face ^^,