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A few days ago I was making some new postcards for my pen pals, and I decided to make a special post + "kind of an event" for all of our felow postcard hunters and collectors around the world.

Around the snail mail world, postcards will always be the simpler but precious way of getting in touch with your friends, family and pen pals. I often send postcards just because I feel like to, and I know people will smile the moment they'll arrive. Nevertheless, postcard collectors are not always just people who are looking for postcards. So I'm here to tell you, according to my experience what kind of postcard collectors you may come accross, and such. Well, I am not picky at all when it comes to postcards, but of course I love when they come signed by the sender, at least Just to keep the person always in memory - even when I'm 99 years old. In general, I don't ask for any themes or types, unless of course when it comes to arranged postcard swaps. But, within all my years with snail mail, I have found all kind of peculiar requests among several postcard collectors.

Some people just collect a specific theme. It is true, and I believe totally acceptable. And in the end it's not really hard to try and find a postcard your pen pal will find useful and nice for his/her collection.  And,... it's not like we are returning the thoughtful postcards wich don't seem to fit in our collection, at least, I don't.

Stamped and with recipient. This is one wich I found very common. Postcards collectors and swappers who love to keep those in it's used form. For example: with greetings, signed by sender, including post stamp. For those who are sending postcards as a gifts to a pen pal collector, you can always make it creative, and make a fake stamp and such. This way it'll look more real - and original - and a unique piece to your pen pal's collection.

Handmade postcards. Mail-artists, for instance, do prefer these. Don't overthink it, and start acting all "I'm not an artist" because you don't have to. Mail-art is not only about showing your masterpieces, is a shareable act of your own creative imagination. To make it completely yours and give such part of you to someone is like a privilege, for both sides.

Countries and Locations. These are the most common around postcrossing, but is not only about having postcards of different places. Sometimes people want specific countries, or specific places or sites. When you have a pen pal who collects world postcards, be thoughtful to ask any preferences. It is always nice to help a fellow postcard hunter grow his collection.

Vintage. Many people ask me for vintage postcards, and we all know real good why these are so special and filled with history. Nevertheless, some people seem to find those hard to easily find. My best advice is to ask for them in local antique stores, or old book stores. For example, both in Porto and Coimbra I know these nice places wich kept lost mail, envelopes, letters and postcards for several years. If I haven't asked I didn't even knew they were selling these precious items. So, if you are a vintage lover, run all the antique stores you know, talk to the owner and ask info on vintage postcards, because there's no one better for them to help you in a vintage hunt quest.

Commercial. I had a pen pal with collected advertising postcards, those we get for free for time to time. She wanted to have it all, and I found it such an interesting collection that I actually started my own. Of course, I don't have as many as she does, but one day I'll get there. These, in Portugal, are often easy to found in several cafes, bookstores, and theatres; for example. There are also some places wich have a yearly postcard release with popular pictures.

Hobbies and interests. Some postcard collectors end up gathering a lot of what they love, even if it is their work. For example, I met a wide range of creative snail mailers. Most of those, who were fellow postcard hunters kept a majority of postcards related to their areas of interest. As for instance, I own a very large collection of photography related postcards than any other theme. I met several designers wich love patterned postcards for example, and several art historians who are obsessed with famous paintings reproductions into postcards.

Other popular themes are for instance literature related, celebrities, tv shows and movies, animals and nature. The chances are almost infinite.

When sending postcards: I often send them into envelopes unless I'm asked otherwise. Why? Simple; because if I find a special postcard for a special fellow collector I don't want it to get lost, so I think a blank envelope always keeps it in a low file. But, of course, most people prefer to get them envelope-free, stamped with sending proof. Of course there are many other things wich can be considered as the criteria of every postcard collector, so the thing is to always ask your recipient for it's preferences and kindly tell him/her yours.

But it's not everything for today - I have more news. Along with these considerations I created a new section for all of us, in this project. This is for all my dear fellow friends who love postcards as I do. Both participant and non participant can be a part of a postcard hunt list, surprising and being surprised by fellow postcard collectors.

All you need to do is to fill the following form, and we'll get in touch. Keep in mind to be very clear on what type of postcards you collect and any kind of considerations and requests for your sender. And as for the letters, don't let your pal hanging. Only subscribe to this list if your are willing to enter in a postcard swap list, for receiving and sending postcards around the world. Any doubts or concerns please contact via

I hope this will come in perfect time for all of you who asked me how to be a part of this project if you don't feel to write long chatty letters...Well, here is a way of sharing a bit of kindness while keeping a precious collection. 

With love, 


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