Welcome to Send it Forward, 

This is a personal snail mail + postcrossing and mailart project, based in Portugal.

 It’s main purpose was always to combine the pleasure of meeting people through letters, sharing kindness and inspiration to mailboxes around the world.
My first goal was to be able to connect everyone through love and care, in a traditional way. I’d be really happy if you consider joining my project.

This is a heartfelt project to wich I dedicate most of my time and resources. So I please ask everyone to respect it and only subscribe if you really are looking for penpal mail exchange, otherwise it’d be unfair. Real people spend real time, money and resources to share a bit of them with you with the obvious expectation of, at lest, getting a reply. So, respect that and never let your penpals waiting for something that will never reach their mailboxes.

There’s nothing better than the truth, so please be honest with yourself and with each other. Make this adventure a special something that can bring really good things to your life.

Most of the items such as envelopes, postcards, and even photographs are my own, so please respect that and don’t use my work without permission, or naming the source. But still, I’m only an e-mail away for any clarification.

As I expect my penpals to do so aswell, I will always respect the privacy of you contact info, and I will be as carefully as possible not to publish it online, and to cover it well for pictures.

If you ever want to give up on being a part of this project, please inform us so your personal info can be deleted from our mailing list. This is very important, we need to have our database up-to-date as organized as much as possible..

Never forget to write our tag #senditforwardp in your sendings, so everyone knows how you got access to their personal info, and let them know if you are a part of the project too.

How can you do it?

If you are looking for a penpal, and really want to start writing letter to the world make sure to check THE RANDOM PENPAL.
I also have a personal address list. So, if you want to be one of my penpals,
If you are one of my penpals, you probably know I’m always sending some inspirational cards and little envelopes with challenges, for instance. You can use those goodies as you want, and share your challenge experiences through our main hashtag #senditforwardp on social media (via facebook or instagram) for a chance of getting featured.

So, if you are interested in having one of this little Send it Forward kit packages, you’ll you need to fill this subscription form. That way I can have access to your contact info and send you a letter, as soon as possible.
NOTE: First letters/packages may sometimes take their time to reach the destiny, due to time/financial motives. This was meant to be a free of charge subscription, and I do my best to always keep it this way.

Of course, I always accept donations for supporting my project (like stationary resources, postcards, envelopes, flyers, and pretty much anything you can imagine). Also, I invite you to visit the humble LITTLE SHOP to find what items are have available at the moment.

Thank you in advance, If you are willing to support us. It really means a lot!
If you’re still caught on doubts please contact me via e-mail psenditforward@gmail.com

Hello! I'm a twenty-something years old girl, named Mafalda, living in Portugal. My biggest dream is to be a photographer, and the biggest hobbie is snail mail.
 Letterwritting always had a major importance in my life, so it’s a hobbie that I take very seriously. I sometimes take my time to answer, because as you might imagine is not quite easy manage my time and responsabilities, but I always do my best and try not to let my penpals down.

I love to meet new people and places through their words. Snail mail is like a big open door to a world we don’t even know exists. I currently lost count of exactly how many people I’ve been penpal with, so I’m hoping this page will also help me to organize everything.
This project started because I really wanted to give something good to others, and what better way to do it, than writting an honest letter to someone? Also, I’m fascinated about postcards, and since I’m an addict to photographs, it’s easy to find ways to unite both.
I like to create little simple thing to make others smile, from postcards to notebooks or stickers, wich I sometimes sell to support all the costs that come with lettercrossing.
If you’d like to be my penpal, or even if you’re not into letterwritting but still would like to swap postcards, please feel free to e-mail me via psenditforward@gmail.com, as also if youhave any questions or doubts, I’ll be glad to help.
With love,

IG: @mafalda.ar
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