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It's time for another highlight chosen from the amazing archive of our main tag #senditforwardp, and this time I'm presenting you Diana, who as just found her first pen pal throughout our community! 

Snailmail is... more than just writing a letter, it’s putting your heart and soul to create a OOAK (one of a kind) letter or even  “mini project” that will make the recipient of your letter feel special. It’s also called “happy mail”, well, that’s the aim of the envelope. The contents of the letter really depends on your relationship with the recipient, I have a variety of different pen pals at the moment, I started very recently so I can’t say I’ve built a deep relationship with anyone at the moment, but I do have really qualified candidates! I don’t mind accepting all kinds of people because I think as a style of life guide line , you should always talk about what brings you together, not about what separates you. I put this in practice in the snail mail community too, and no matter the age or country or religion or tastes, I  will always find a topic in common! Otherwise wouldn’t it be a tiny minded world? Diversity is fun. 

 I wish to send forward... creative letters designed and customized to fit the recipients personality and taste but that’s not that easy, you have to get to know the person you are writing to, it takes time but that's also the aim of snail mailing!

One story, something good that happened wich was provided by the joy of letter writing.
The other day I had fun making an Alice in Wonderland themed letter and a random instagram user told me she loved Alice in Wonderland and I read on her bio she war really fan of it, so I wrote her a DM and told her I would be sending her my letter, I knew it was going to be something special for her and she would appreciate it more than anyone. She was really happy for that unexpected gift. I hope it reaches her safety!

Feel free to join the community + Keep tagging your pictures with our hashtag #senditforwardp for a chance to get featured.

With love,

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