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Hello dear letter writers! How have you been lately?
Since the beginning of 2016, things weren't always as good and smooth as I expected in my life. I've experience loss, distance, isolation and now I am experiencing something I hope to be like a reborn. Around March I was sure that I needed to find my path again, to reunite with the things that I love and that define who I am, in the end. I had to accept the things I can't change, and move forward to a better self. 

I was leaving things behind, my dreams, my goals and this heartfelt project, and the amazing beings that keep on believing it's purpose. I felt broken, but paralysed. Meanwhile, my family gave me several options, things they thought were good to give me back the motivation and dinamics I needed to move forward. The final conclusion was that it was the right time to fulfill a long time dream I had, to take a professional course at the IPF (Instituto Português de Fotografia [Portuguese Institute for Photography]). I guess a normal person in a  regular stage of their life would be thrilled to finally see themselves face to face with their dream, a giant step closer to live it. With me, it was different. I didn't felt the enthusiasm and joy I should've, - or would've if this happened months ago. It kind of shocked me, actually. I was really surprised with myself, and at that point I knew something was really wrong with me. I decided to go away for a while, to live town and think about everything quietly and without the constant pressure I felt about making a decision. I was living abroad and alone for almost 7 years, and it was major to me to return home with something that made my family would feel proud about me, and somehow I felt I've failed tremendously. Also, I couldn't avoid that nervous anxious emotion of being scared to make a wrong call on my own future, and the sadness of leaving something, someone - a life - behind. It wasn't much, but I've picked up all the money I had available and decided to leave. I got back to Coimbra to live my life as before. I believed this would help me recall the same old songs and dances, and it would help me find the rights of my own heart. I wanted to go back to move forward. It started to be a yes-do-everything type of "vacation" but as the days passed the planning and the scheme on finding myself was already just a paper sheet, and I was living in fact, not only in theory. It made a difference. The walks, the conversations, the reencounters with amazing people who cared to encourage me to follow a path, even if it seems a lonely road. I stayed away for more than a month, and, then I decided what to do. I came back to Oporto, and decided to be here, to take a leap of faith on my own dream, and to take a risk. It might take me nowhere, but I think I'd regret more if I didn't try at all. Oficially, I moved back hometown this week. There's a lot to do and to organize. There are card boxes filled with life details all around my house - it's amazing the amount of things we gather when leaving alone for years, without the feeling of a definitive home. So, in the end I had no money, I definetly had several letters waiting to be read and replied, and works to be done asap. But one thing I had, and have: that bit of curiosity about what I can achieve. And to feel I'm kind of challenging myself again, opened my eyes and heart, as I wanted since I first arrived in Coimbra. So, I guess it all ended good, after all. 

Now, among all the books and clothes and things I've been writing letters, one at a time in a slow pace. I really want to put my mind on each one, and to be fairly dedicated to each and everyone who didn't give up on my mailbox. My mother gave the most cute papers to cheer my crafty spirit, and I can't wait to play with those colorful patterns.
I've also reunited again with my other half, and re-started to drown myself in pictures. I've accepted to take part on team along with other photography enthusiasts for a brand new online magazine, and I'm finally putting my portfolio in shape. I can still loose myself again along the process because I'm a complicated being, but I'm feeling a bit more positive than the usual lately, so I know I'm moving forward the best way I can. 

And for new beginnings, how about a new freebie? I wasn't able to test these yet, can't print it until I buy new toner recharges for my laser printer. But I hope you'll print these, and tell me if they're nice to go! After I made this letter set, I couldn't stop noticing it was very portuguese inspired, with the tiles and the colors. I can only hope you enjoy them! :) You can download the Tiles Letter Set here.

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  1. I know you can do it, and if you need an extra pair of hands, I'm here. :) Congratulations on the course, I believe it will motivate you to do amazing things!