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Notebooks are one of the oldest ways we know for keeping all the important stuff reunited into a personal compilation of what inspires us, what makes us, who we are. I'm a lover of notebooks since I can remember, handmade or not. My mother always boosted my love for writing, embellishing it with the most cute pieces of notebooks, still does and I let her. 

It's marvelous to walk around our own personal random writings sometimes, to find the things that changed and those that didn't. To re-encounter old memories, places and people. In my case that also is related to snail mail since I always take notes of several feelings, emotions and details about a letter or a pen pal. It's a way of making sure I'll never forget the way I felt in that moment. 

But not everything is a journal of feelings, or a personal introspective writing. I also collect inspiration from magazines, newspapers and such. I take note of my favorites on cinema, literature and music, and write down daily information such as tasks and important jobs. It's an interactive confuse biography of who I am, but which I can figure out just by taking a glimpse at one page. 

I'm always so curious to know if it is just me, or if there are many of us, who obsessively need to write something most of the times. Here, with this post, I'm sharing with you some pictures of my notebook for 2016, - that will probably need a substitute sooner than expected. It was offered to me by my dear uncle, and it's the prettiest. It has some colorful ruled pages, some illustrated ones and two fabric markers (wich is great to organize between personal and snail mail!) 

Have you chosen your notebook or notebooks, for this present year? What are your views on notebooks? What they mean and how they have a role in your life. I'd love to know more about it. 

With love, 

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  1. Adoro notebooks e sempre que possível é lá que anoto tudo! Ando sempre com um comigo :)

    It's ok (Giveaway - Oh! Não)