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Some time ago, sweetest Amanda got in touch with me, with a brand rep proposition, that filled my eyes. She is a professional baker + stationery designer from New Jersey/USA, with a talent capable of brightening the days of every snailmailer. The package took a while to arrive, and I admit it: I was terrified that it'd get lost along the way. But of course she was smart and thoughtful enough to send it registered, so it reached my home safe and sound. I only got to see it, when I returned to Porto, late January, but the wait was totally worth it. Just by the packaging I could state everything was made and sent with love and care. Everything was carefully stored into a secure tight kind of parcel, preventing any traveling issues. 
She sent me three sets of cards + envelope. This one below was - definitely - one of my all time favorites. It's the Pastel floral stationery letter set and it's colors popped into my heart the moment I opened the parcel. Nevertheless, the Owl stationery set is also one of the prettiest letter-card sets I've ever seen; as well. It came with two orange envelopes matching the cards. I instantly loved the paper quality for the cards, and the printing is really good. The products seem to be reliable and with durability. I hardly got courage to use these, afraid to smudge and scratch such original items. 
The Snail mail revolution postcards set was like a cherry on the top of an awesome cake. They're bright and colored, filled with flowers and plenty of blank space on the back for everything we'd like to write to our pals. 

She also sent me the Succulent watercolor stationery set with these green envelopes wich glitter enough to make you fall for them. I'm not a girl who loves glitter and shinning things, but these are perfect for a special letter. Also, these envelopes are made with some high quality paper, thick enough to take more than a postcard and letter inside (I've tested it, and it passed with excellence!). At least for me, thickness of envelopes matter considering that I'm always sending goodies inside special mail. 
I was really amazed by her works, and although I don't really buy stationery that often, she's now on my personal preferences for stationery shops to follow, for special products acquisitions. She has a very simple and organized store on Etsy called Fancy Paperie that I truly recommend to all of you. Make her a visit and enjoy the nice discount she is giving all of Send it Forward's followers by using the code MAF15 along the purchased items.
She also makes beautiful cookies which seem deliciously taken out of a Wes Anderson film. If you're lucky enough to be in the USA, make sure to taste those, too! - I'm betting they're amazing as everything else! 

As for me, I've put together a little set like this, for one of you. Yes, it is giveaway time!
I've been planning on hosting one here for the longest time and finally felt it'd be the perfect moment, and also the perfect way of making one of you as happy as I was, with Amanda's incredible stationery.
For joining this giveaway all you need to do is:
 - be a follower of this blog (here or via bloglovin);
 - Follow Send it Forward and Amanda via Instagram;
 - Follow us on Facebook ;
 - Share this post (make sure it is public so we can see it)*;
 - Fill the following form adding the link of the post shared*.
'*' - these are absolutely mandatory, while the others are to increase your chances of winning. In case of doubt when it comes to put your sharing link into the form, follow these steps: 1. share on facebook; 2. click the top left corner, at the day+time of sharing: this will take you to a page with only the share; 3. copy the URL of that page, paste it into the form and... it's done!

This giveaway is ending on march 30, so you have almost a month to take your chances! 

Good luck everyone!
With love,

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