2:42 PM

Hello dear fellow friends! This week is going real slowly when it comes to catching up with my pile of letters. I have started to focus on a new collective" project - linked with photography works - so, as you might imagine I'm not having much time for my own.
Nevertheless, I managed to end two letters that were on hold for reply since what it seems forever. One for Luana, a dear friend from my days in Coimbra that has moved. I miss her no-matter-what kind of joy, and felt really good to let my heart out with her - finally. She sent me a letter some time ago, but due to my family's present situation I was not prepared to write to her, since we are very close and it would be inevitable to talk about some specific (yet not so easy) subjects.
And the other letter I wrote was for Denisa, from Czech Republic. She is a very nice girl, who is always so thoughful with me. I was failing with her for quite a time, and I only hope she'll forgive my huge delay. I made her a small parcel filled with love and cuteness.
I'm still behind on so much more letters. But I'm doing my best to manage all of them, and get back to each and everyone as soon as possible.

I've been having the most fun making new craft supplies, and postcards. Since I'm more focused on my photography jobs lately, I've been taking some of my breaks to find nice images to share with my dear penpals. I've also been skeeching some new letter sets that I'll probably be giving to all of you, throughout the freebies section. (if you behave nicely! eheh) :)

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  1. This looks so lovely, you're already forgiven my dear ;)... my mailbox is so empty these months after Christmas, so this cheered me up :)
    Have a lovely day and still I wish you lot of strength <3!