10:57 AM

Hello dear everyone, how are you today? 
Here, the sun is misteriously shinning and the hot tea does seem too hot, already. Nevertheless, I'm still wearing my most comfortable grandma-knitted sweater. After being back to Oporto, for a long time, I came to Coimbra to spend a week, that most likely turned into a month. I came here to rest my heart and mind, and of course to work a bit. Then, life happened all over me, and somehow instead of that nostalgic feeling of home-need I was kind of overwhelmed by this strange will of staying some more time. Before, I was always feeling tired, busy and lonely whenever I was here, but somehow, this visit made a fresh start on standing my ground, and realizing that the place never mattered at all. So, I'm currently still in Coimbra, enjoying tea, books and brainstorming (- and exeriencing an awfull internet connection as well...)

Also, I managed to recover my camera's memory card, so it's time for some mailbox love!
I got so many beautiful letters and postcards, my heart stopped every time - I photographed some to show you. I got some presentation letters wich were filled with kindness, from all around the globe. I trying hard to keep up with my pile, but it has been difficult I admit. I apologize to all those who haven't got my letters yet, I'll explain it all and I'm sure you'll all understand it. But don't even dare to think I forgot about you, I haven't and I promise you. :)

I got some beautiful treats and the most lovely letter from Mandy! I already finished her letter and left it with granny along with others to send to her. I really loved all her delicate and colorful details and she has the most cute handwriting, it definitely made my day! 
I also got a letter from my dearest Bahanur, a while ago. She always fills my heart with her long letters, and I always spend and afternoon focusing only on her, tea and cookies, It may seem like a ritual but I assure to you it is the most delightful one. So, I finally managed to reply her with a full heart and mind, and I wrote around 13 heartfelt pages to fill an afternoon of hers, too! :p

Recently I could get in touch with some old pen pals that surprised me by magically appearing in my mailbox and I met a bit better the amazing Melek, from Turkey, one of my most recent pen pals. She cared to make me the prettiest flipbook, and sent me a teabag that instantly turned into one my favorites! I also finished my letter to her, and tried to make her a nice parcel as well. I can only hope she'll like it, and that it'll bright up her day!

With love, 


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