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I've got this 'thing' about mountains so it was pretty easy to get hooked on this beautiful picture by one of our partners in crime: Rita Neves. A lot of hearts and yeahs to this beautiful postcard, and let's read a bit about what snailmail means to her. 

Snail mail is... An escape from the real world to another world that isn't less real but a world of words, of people you have never seen (or have but you both adore the feelings snail mail brings) and all their love stamped and contained in a tiny and very pretty envelope.
It is a comfort in so many ways, because of the time invested in answering you, in thinking the problems you present to the other or the movies you suggest, a comfort in knowing out there on the four corners of the world there is someone who understands you, who shares the same tastes or favourite book in spite of the different background. A comfort in knowing that this person stood in line for a long time so you could have a poster signed by one of your favourite authors, that you happened to mention in some letter as a recommendation. 
Snail mail is a rush of adrenaline mixed with happiness when your mailbox is filled with this endless love, instead of bills, and with such power that you do silly victory dances from the mailbox to the house, in my case 25m of silly dance movements that only my garden gets to laugh about! 
Snail mail is sharing, your love for others, for books, movies, stamps or even pretty soap-wrapping-paper. Is sharing culture, and weird habits and the best your country has to offer. 
Snail mail is traveling to so many places in so many forms and without ever moving from where you are standing. It is the warmth of winter and the breeze of summer with the news it carries and the fuzzy feeling of new adventures written down! 
It is a legacy for all of what you are or were for you poured it into the paper someone will cherish many years later and for this it is also memory.
It is activism if you address it to the proper villains (big love and a shout out to the amazing work of the international amnesty). 
I could write a million more things about what snail mail is, but I guess you'll have to find out. 

I wish to send forward love and support and a little bit of myself on my letters and postcards, I always aim for the biggest smile of the person that will receive my letter or postcard. 
I wish to send forward even more mail in way less time for I know how happy I get when I have mail, almost like Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks when one of them got that little notice: you've got mail! However in my case the old school way. 
I wish to send forward peace, comfort and hope to those suffering out there, and I know this sounds like the most miss universe thing to say but I do really wish I could, to gather all the addresses of people in need and send them even the tiniest bit of hope that someday it will all get better. That someday they will get to their true addresses and everything will fall into place. The world is in need of more love letters, more hope letters. 

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