Are you having troubles finding a penpal?
No worries. I’m here to help at all times.

We have a list of nice people who are also looking someone to write letters to. Once you’ve submitted your personal info, you will be a part of that list too. Then you’ll receive in your inbox the our guidelines, relevant info and also your new pen pal address. I assure you that your personal data will not be exposed in this blog, an will only be shared when it comes to pen pals.

I ask you to keep in mind that in spite of knowing most of the participants, we are not responsible for the person behind the address. So, if you are not happy with your new pen pal, or if you find anything odd, please tell us and we’ll take care of the situation, even if it means finding you a new pen pal. Also, if for instance your new pen pal turns out to be a ghost, who never seem to get or send any type of mail, don’t worry either, just let me know, so I can contact the person and try to understand. Ghost snail mailers are not welcome in this project.

Please be true about your info. This a serious thing for us who like to write letters, so please don’t give wrong or fake information, because - as I said -  real people spend real time and resources sending things to strangers, and it’s really awful when things get lost or returned because of the wrong addresses and fake names.

Always be respectful of others, remind yourself that we are all different, and there’s no prize on judging. If anything goes wrong, just move forward and - again - we’ll find another penpal (as many times as we need).

By subscribing this, you are giving us authorization to share you address with your future penpals. If you have any concerns, please tell me about it, and we’ll talk it through.

If you ever want your name off this list, just send an e-mail with your information and write “CANCEL RANDOM PENPAL” and it will be delete from our database.
You may find the subscription form here.- Tell a little something about you on the obsvervations field. (ex.: country, age, interests, preferences, etc)

Have fun with the experience, the new people and act of sharing!