10:22 AM

When I first tought telling people about my project was the perfect way of getting in touch with them, or with people who would be interested, I came across Bárbara, through instagram. She wanted to be a part of the project right away, and couldn't wait to start living the pleasures of snailmail. I, as expected, could not be happier to find another penpal from a diferente place, but still in Portugal, my home country.

I really enjoyed reading her presentation letter. She seemed really spontaneous and funny, telling me how it was nice to get mail that didn't have the purpose of billing anything. She told me a little about her days and hobbies, and even decorated her letter in a very cute way. I really wanted to send her something really special in return, so I did this handmade postcard so that she'll never forget to be smiley, funny and spontaneous everyday of her life. Unfortunatelly, I never got any other answer from her, but I'm hoping she loved it and cared about it, in spite of everything.

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