10:27 AM

A piece of outgoing mail to the dearest Weronika, from Poland.
 It was so nice to read her words, she really seemed a minded person, with a bunch of qualities. I was really excited with her letter, and to realise we had so much in common.  She was very supportive of my dreams to become a professional photographer and with this very project. Also, she cared to send me some flyers from the movies, wich was very thoughtful of her. Since I left University, the thing I miss the most are cinema classes, history and aesthetics. I used to love those hours of the day. Without even knowing, she was giving me a precious gift - a mini poster of the movie "Age of Adaline", wich really touched my heart in a lovely way. I appreciated every piece, so I hope she’ll enjoy this handmade postcard and that my words would be able to bright her day aswell. I wanted to share with her some of my main interests and hobbie favourites, and also, I've sent her some surprise challenges.

I really can't wait to read her answer. Could be more excited.


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