10:19 AM


Outgoing mail for dear Marta Vicente, in Portugal

She was  one of the very first subscribers of this project, and was really excited of being a part of it. Until today, I feel I disappointed her. But I'll tell you the story.

Well, she was really sweet and cared to send me such kind words that I really wanted to reply her letter. Also, she made me a challenge, too. As some of you might already know, I usually send these little challenges/surprise tasks that I hope that people accomplish and share with us what was they're experience, what they felt, etc. This time, she sent me hallenges, aswell. She wanted me to photograph a couple of themes she gave to me, and then, I'd have to tag them with cute tags she cared to make me. Once that was ready, I was supposed to give away he photograghs.
After a couple of days I realised I've taken really inthimate pictures, that would not have any meaning for those who don't atually know me. So, I've decided to start it all over. 
But life happened, and somehow, I haven't done it yet. But I will!

Anyways, I really hope she’ll enjoy these handmade treasures that I spent a lving afternoon making. I can only hope she'll like it!

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