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This time I'm here with no particular reason besides showing you the lttle pile I've prepared lately. Only one of these will be shipped to Portugal, all others are going tomorrow to Brasil. I'm answering letters from Amélia Barros, Daniele Pontanelli, Renata Fernandes, Gabriela Dalagnol, Jaqueline e Maria Iziane.
I have to tell you this: since I'm portuguese, of course I love to find penpals who write in my own language, it's a way of getting closer to home while travelling the world through my letters. So, this little pile is all written in portuguese. One of them is ging to a dear friend, Luana (a cute funny girl that sometimes pops into my photographic works) who has moved back to her hometown after finishing her theatre degree. I miss her very much, so writting to her is actually a way of telling her I'd never Forget her contagious laughs.
But, most of the letters of this pile are going to Brasil. Lately I've made contact with several people from there, and it's kind of awesome to see the little language diferences, that are more than some people might imagine. I've never felt any special curiosity on visiting Brasil, but I admit some of my penpals changed my head, describing it as a very dreamy place if you learn how to follow other path than the mainstream touristic guideline. Explore Brasil must be a much enriching journey, than to spend the weeks between hotels and beaches.

With love,

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  1. Anxious to be able to tell you about all the things that delight me here.

    1. Can't wait to read all about it! Have a lovely day, dear Ana! :)

  2. Anxious to be able to tell you about all the things that delight me here.