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Finally an update! Since I’ve been moving between homes, my latest incoming pile reached me out a little bit later than I’ve expected, but it was totally worth the wait - as always! Also, I’ve had the amazing pleasure of meeting some new penpals, along this series of incomings, who warmed my day with beautiful and kind words, specially from Brasil.
 I've never had many penpals from Brasil, but lately I've met some amazing Brazilian people, that changed my mind about their country. I always thought Brasil wouldn't be on the top of my dream places to visit one day, but now I really think it was based on the common type of vacation people have there. I'm not a sunny-beach person, so I always tend to choose places with more history, local culture museums, and such. It was dumb of me, I admit it.
I have had several penpals telling me how Brasil has potential, and how it can be enjoyed like if you belong there. Isn't it beautiful to be able to get so close to the beauty others see?

With love,

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