11:51 PM

Outgoing mail to dear Ana Morais, from Lisbon, Portugal.
I was so glad to know that I had the privilegie of being one of her first portuguese penpals. Of course I also relate to that hidden little happiness of randomly finding a penpal that shares language and country with you. She's a designer, so I think with my love for photography we can only hope a good friendship outcome. She was really sweet and told me about how she loves to write. Also, she sent me all types of goodies that I can use for my project. As you might know, it's quite difficult to keep this project running, so every piece of hel comes in perfect timing. I already used some of her goodies in my next outgoings. I’ve decided to give her a small package with an honest letter and a few of the handmade goodies, aswell. I can't wait to get her answer :)

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