HELLO FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE (+free printables)

6:15 PM

Hi everyone, and be welcome to the brand new page for my snail-mail project.
Well, I was dealing with technical issues in our previous one, so I decided to keep it simple once and for all, and moved it here: a more familiar platform, in my point of view.
Some changes have been applied since I've moved to this new humble place, so my first advise is to explore the sections yourself. Also, a major change has been made.
The submit section is now gone, but for a very good reason. Before, you could upload anything from your devices, but to make it easier and funnier, I decided that from now on all entries will be selected from our main hashtag #senditforwardp directory, both on facebook or instagram. This way you get a chance of getting featured on our inspirational selections or for possible collaborations or further surprises.

Send it Forward challenges: those little inspiring daily tasks I often send you are back, of course, but with a brand new shape. Now, you'll receive them as stickers, so you can share the movement with the ones you love or in your favorite places.

Freebies: from the first moment I've started this project, I've always had the idea and will of sharing some of my printable creations with my readers. Unfortunately, I was not able to it previously due to those conditioning issues with the website. But now, everything is good to go, and I can finally tell you that today you are receiving your first set of printables.

I'm leaving you with this set of 2 different ruled pages for letterwritting. I hope you'll find them beautiful and useful. You can download both pages here

With love,

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  1. Hi! I'm glad you switched places and can make this awesome project grow. If you need any help you know where to find me. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for your support and beautiful letter dear! Hope you'll get mine very soon! ♥