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These are the latest awesome incomings that were arriving since December started. There were some amazing letters, and some really moved me. Also, my grandmother came to town, and brought me some "lost" mail the mailman gave her. I felt so relieved! Meanwhile, in my address things were starting to feel weird. Since a long time I couldn't remember a time when there was not a single incoming in my mailbox - well, except for bills, that always find their way to reach us...
Then one day, one of the new neighbors was consistently denying to open the door to the mailman. It was just lucky, but I heard them arguing and ran to my window trying to figure out what was going on. I was starting to get nervous, but specially angry when I finally understood all about it. But then, days passed, and in the middle of a rough busy week, a sweet letter finally arrived.

This week was in top of all, just crazy. I got many unexpected request for custom handmade notebooks, and felt like there was not even a single minute free to just breathe. But somehow - with a lot of effort - I managed to find a way of finishing all more than on time to present myself with some happy-mail fun!

So, this week, I got a nice letter from Nícia, and it came in perfect timing. As I told you, I had been coursing my mailbox for days, and was really anxious about the mysterious absence of mail. But, similar to a leap of hope there it was, a nice envelope inviting me to fly away. It literally made my day. I read it enjoying the sun and a nice raspberry sparkly water. She told me a lot about herself, and I found so lovely her way of writing, as if she was telling a story, with all the details and metaphors. Also, it was nice to read about her projects, and interest to wich I relate a lot.

I could not wait to answer her later, specially because - funny thing - I realized she lives nearby me, wich was something that actually never occurred to me before in the snail mail community that crossed my paths. Also, she thoughtfully asked me to write some words for Leo, her little kid, in a postcard model she created. I found the idea so cute, that automatically agreed to it!
She will also receive some challenges to bright her days in the search of happiness. Let's hope that she'll share it all with us.  Note: you can find some previous challenges via #senditforwardp

Christmas is in two days, so I have a lot to work on. But, of course I'll be enjoying warm-cosy sweet home with my dear penpals and letter writing. I can't wait to catch up with my pile, there are some really special letters, from fabulous people that I want to reply and tell you about.

With love, 

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