4:23 PM

Since my snail mail project started - and even before - little messages were sent and left to strangers. Same kind of messages that I send to my penpals. My main purpose is to give a little unexpected light to each one's day, leading them to explore and enjoy simple things we humans often pass by.
So lately I've been working on new messages but I turned all of them into stickers. This way, people can share them just like I do, or just use them anywhere they wish.

I am a lover of every kind of sticker cute thing I can find. I always find some useful purpose for them. But isn't it nice to have a world of stickers with kind challenges and nice words?
If you are interested in having some of these, or if you're looking forward to enter the challenges just e-mail me via (NOTE: free of charge only for project subscribers)

With love,

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  1. Hello!

    A few years ago, I have been invited to an event on Facebook, related with a penpal group I used to be on, that consisted on something similar. You wrote little, encouraging messages, something to put a smile on someone's face, and you'd leave them on random places, like a cafe table, the seat of a bus or a train... and that was it. :)

    Great job you're doing there!