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As you already know, I always have a warm feeling whenever I receive a letter from my own country, specially for places that are special to me. 
My grandfather was born is Lisbon, in a very typical neighborhood - "Bairro do Alto Pina"; he always says. I spent most time of my childhood between Porto and Lisbon, so I have collected a whole infinite box of silver memories. Every time I got back to the north, I couldn't stop myself from writing to my loved ones in the south. Well, time and technology prevent them from keeping the habit, but still I have friends and family who mean a lot to me there. Also, it's a place full of those innocent beautiful childish memories we humans tend to keep. 
And our dear Rita was point perfect bringing all that good nostalgia back, sending me the most traditional nice things. First, I'd never had received a letter kept within a lottery (Christmas Edition) envelope, and it was such a nice surprise - I truly smiled! There's a story behind it, a good memory I guess... My grandfather used to buy those - some years ago - to an old man that was always by the road. Somehow, I never saw that man again, and my grandfather never bought the lottery again.

Anyways, with her coolest letter she also sent me a nice Christmas card, one of the coolest postcards I've got for my b&w collection and the sweetest cutest handmade postcard with a quote from one of my favorite writers: Miguel Torga. It says something like "you loose life, wishing it so much". 

I am so very thankful for having such amazing people in my life :) 
2015 was after all, a nice year. 

With love,

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