12:01 PM

Hello everyone - past days have been crazy!
 I've taken some time to organize my albums and sendings. I'm trying to keep both parts of my life in order: hotography and snail mail.
Meanwhile I've found some time to finally read some letters brought my grandmother, and among those there it was, a sweet beautiful letter from Claudia (@cloudydaysandletters). 
She cared to send me these awesome tea bags, so the letter was deliciously scented, what made everything even more special. Her artworks are trully amazing, and I trully recommend you to take a look at her gallery. Let yourself be lost in such cuteness!

Also, I've received a nice lovely letter from Rita Cunha, that lives in Lisbon. We're country-mates, and I was really happy to meet a new portuguese penpal. Also, I loved her envelope. It states the true: less is more. And you know how I adore anything photography related. 

Since Christmas time is all around is, for the past month, I've decided to follow the theme, and tried to make it more festive related. I've made a delicious mug of tea, and enjoyed the cozyness of winter at home writting back to her. And of course, I've added some special challenges for her to accomplish. Let's hope she'll share her journey with us! - and that she shares the good feelings forward. 

With love, 

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  1. Olá!!

    E nós também somos conterrâneos, no que ao país diz respeito! Eu disse que vinha ver o teu blog e gostei muito!! Vou segui-lo!!

    Um beijinho

    1. Só vi isto agora! Muito obrigada por teres vindo cá dar um saltinho! Bem-haja ♥