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I'm very organized, but not with everything I admit. So every little trick to keep everything in order always deserves a try.  This post is for those who find it hard to manage time and mind between the infinite piles of letters that keep arriving at our mailboxes. 
I do have that problem - sometimes it is really hard for me to manage everything, and to keep everything up to date. There was a moment I decided to write everything down chronologically so I wouldn't skip anyone unintentionally. 

When it comes to incomings: I like to take note of the name/address of the sender, and the date - of course. But I also do love to take little notes while reading letters: little things like questions I'd like to ask on my answer, a thing I'd like to add as a gift, some literary or cinema recommendation, etc. I think it really helps me to keep that spontaneous ideas that popped my head while reading one's words. 
About the outgoings, besides the name/address and date, I also find very useful to take notes of the ideas I had for that letter, as also the things I'll need to accomplish it. This is major for me, because if I don't discipline myself I always lose track and let my imagination fly. That way, drafts would never turn into "final something".

Well, and because I love to give things and make my readers happy, I'm leaving you a printable example of what I was telling you about. I hope you find them useful, too! How do you organize yourself? How do you think the way you organize yourself reflects in your work? I love hearing from the readers, so feel free to share your tricks with me, too.

With love,

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