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Hello dear friends! Today I'm here to tell you about something that I started for myself but wanted to share with all of you. Every time I have some time for myself I really like to use it wisely to invest in the things I like. Well, most of the things I like are actually work, so I end up surrounded by computers and cameras all the time. I do love what I do, but we all need a break sometimes.

I don't specially like to draw but it surely is useful to accomplish some results I imagine for my creative works, snail mail related or not. Surely, there are several creative challenges all around internet, but at some point I got "tired" (not sure if the right word to describe, but...) and gone back doing what I felt like to at that day. Recently I've came across the challenge / course taught by Lisa Congdon available throughout the creativebug platform. She teaches you way of drawing simple ordinary things, in a daily challenge system: one draw a day. It surely is awesome and very inspiring, and I trully recommend it to you. These kind of self-projects are very good for us. The original list is very interesting, but I really wanted it to be more related to what I like and what I do.

day 1: tree
day 2: teacup
day 3: envelope
day 4: leaf
day 5: rose
day 6: tag
day 7: pitcher
day 8: cat
day 9: bird
day 10: frame
day 11: fern
day 12: owl

So I've started to make my own list and I've chosen the first 12 days of our 31 draws in 31 days challenge. I would love to count in, and help me finish my list. 

And, because I already started. Here's my day one :) 
  Share yours with us using our main hashtag #senditforwardp (or throughout our private group) for a chance to be featured.
Keep yourself inspired everyday!

With love,

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