7:03 PM

I can't tell you how much I feared for Claudia's letter, while I was in Porto for holidays. I kept reminding my boyfriend to look for it in our building, everyday. When it reached me, it really was one of the highest points I had for a whole week, and it mean a lot to me to be blessed with so much love in such a hard time. I really was looking forward to do something special for this lovely lady, and thought a booklet wouldn't be such a bad idea. I used one of my handmade postcards as a cover, added an envelope with my leter, and several paper bags with some surprises for her. I also included a handmade wooden yellow butterfly part of a small collection my mother gave my years ago in a kind gesture that made me smile. I added some craft supplies that I hope she'll find useful and some stickers to challenge her for our tag. And I was finally able to gladly recover one of Coimbra's old bus traveling tickets for her collection!
 I hope the parcel will reach her soon, but mostly safe and sound. 

With love, 

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