IT'S A BRAND NEW YEAR + resolutions

2:19 PM

Hello everyone!

I'm finally here after holiday time at home. Have you enjoyed your festivities?
Here in Portugal, there's a traditional way for things both at Christmas and New Year's eve.
I've always seen the people of my country as family type, with all of it's nostalgia and warm love, always finding a good excuse to get everyone together, enjoying the most delicious plates, and the company of their loved ones. My celebrations are not that different from what you imagine in a Portuguese family. We love to eat, so there's always all types of snacks and sweets for everyone to taste. My grandmother loves to cook, and these times are perfect for her to cook some special exclusive dishes. Also, and to keep memory for our roots in Lisbon, we sing Fado. Well, not all of us, but those who feel brave enough to try. 

Every time a year changes, I feel like I'm leaving something behind, and sometimes even let a tear or two out. But, nevertheless, I feel specially thankful for everything good that's happened to me, and the bad that in the end taught me something for life.

I wanted to make some new year resolutions, but I guess I'm a bit awful at keeping it, so I often make resolutions as challenge for myself. There are all kinds of things I'd like to put on a list, but this year I've decided to make at least one that is exclusively snail mail related.
So, I've written some things I'd like for my year of 2016. 
  1. LONG TRAVELLING NOTEBOOK: Every year I chose a theme for a collective work with both my fellow pen pals, and other guests. This year will not be an exception, obviously, but, I've chosen a pretty big subject, that means a lot to me. This way, I've decided it will be a very long one. It will be open both for those I chose, but every participant can also chose someone to be a part of it. I'm sure you want to know what theme is this, but you'll have to wait a few days more. I'll give you a hint: We will all write a letter!
  2. MAIL-ART: Since i started my project, I've been a bit away of the mail-art forums. This year I really want to create and send more, because mail-art forums were a great deal back in my childhood days. I have a bunch of beautiful amazing things people cared to send me for my project during the years, and I feel it's now time for me to give some of that love back. So if you too are a mail artist with ongoing projects, I'd be glad to collaborate!
  3. NEW PENPALS: I'm always accepting penpals, despite the time sometimes I take to answer all the piles that keep appearing in my mailbox. But, I'd love to meet people from new places I don't know that well. I have always been fascinated by eastern cultures as indian or islamic. But never quite found a penpal who could give a pure vision of it. I'd love to find one along this year. 
  4. POSTCROSSING: I'm not talking about postcrossing in the traditional way, using their website - I admit I'm awful at it, always make things wrong. But, as a postcards collector I've been a bit careless about my collection, so I'm forcing myself to invest in it. Anyone for swaps? 
  5. TO BUY A NEW PRINTER: Yes, it's true. I do need a new one. I always sent my own photographic work as postcards, but since my dear Canon printer died, I've never had an accessible way of printing pictures in a good photo quality. Well, I hope this year life will give me a chance to acquire a new one.
  6. TO GIVE MORE AND BE MORE: This is the most personal resolution I guess. I believe that as humans we should always want to be the better we can be. So, one of my resolutions that also fits for snail mail is to invest even more in me and in the person I wish to be. To be more kind, more generous, and even more thankful for the feelings that good things bring to our life's. Above all, be happy with myself, and others, doing good without expectations and learning something new from my pals, everyday. 
These were my wannabe resolutions. There are only 6, but year has just started and maybe I'll add something if it comes across my mind.But...What about your new year resolutions? Have you been thinking of something you really wish for 2016? 
I'd love to hear about it!

With love,

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