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It's nice to find that good people are meeting and finding nice friendships throughout letter writing. I couldn't be more happy when I saw that Shonazee had received a kind letter from Rita, that she cared to share with all of us. I decided to ask her those three usual things. Lets see what she shared :)

Snailmail is... is like a journal. You open up to people you've never met about things that matter to you the most. Your life, goals, dreams, disappointments, regrets, hopes. It's beautiful and poetic. And the fact that those words, travel such long distance to reach you makes it even more special. 

I'd like to send forward words. Happy, sad, exciting, dull, various combinations of them. Just to see the face of the person receiving it, light up with a smile :) 

One storysomething good that happened wich was provided by the joy of letterwriting.

I'm very new to pen-palling. Ive hardly exchanged a couple of letters with my penpals so far, so I don't have many exciting stories as of now. But one that I can think of is the letter I got after 6 months of it being posted. One draw back of snail mail is that the letters sometimes are lost, so when I never received this letter from my beloved pen pal Bahanur, I thought it was lost. But no, it found it's way to me after SIX months. Such unexpected happiness is what snail mail is all about and I'm very much glad to be a part of this wonderful community :D 

Feel free to join the community + Keep tagging your pictures with our hashtag #senditforwardp for a chance to get featured.

With love,

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