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I like to start every year by doing some good. There's something motivational on giving away smiles and love. Besides letters, I now some of the participants of my project are very much in love with crafts and decors. First kit packages are ready to fly to their awesome future owners. I hope everyone find this modest package a useful resource for 2016 first sendings :)

Lately I've been working on some giveaway kits. Nothing spectacular, of course. Just little cute stuff, washi samples and paper that you can freely use.
They're all very similar, but not all packages are equals, I've also attached one or two challenges in some. I mixed all them, so not even I know which package will reach you.

I had to use this smile white+red small size bags! They're the cutest!
I decided to use small envelopes, and a similar style of packaging + envelope decor. White envelope with some colored washi tape, and there's an immediate happy look for a regular blank envelope.
I also used a lot of standard ink, from my sakura pens. :)

Above all, I want everyone to know that everything was (and it's being) prepared with the most sincere amount of love. These Send it Forward "kit distribution" will, still be occurring from time to time, as usual! :P
You know I love hearing from the readers, and of course, the feedback from all the lucky ones who'll first receive their kits!

Also, I've been making some mini envelopes for personal use. I'm here sharing them them with. Just print, cut, glue the parts and... voilà! Some brand new cute envelopes :)

You can now download it here.

With love, 

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