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Today is about giving away some postcards + freebies because I just can't help myself on send cute useful things. 
I can't hide my excitement when it comes to old postcards. Every week I try to take some time between shopping groceries and going to post office, and go in the search for the most unique vintage postcards I can find. I'm almost sure I have bought at least five postcards in every local store downtown, and I always like to share them with a few friends and penpals who are, as me, postcard hunters. I found these in one of those local shops, but the most special one. This only sells antique stuff, not only postcards, so you might imagine the handful of treasures you can discover in that little corner store. 

I started by sending one to Maggie, the most lovely girl I've had the pleasure to meet via instagram, actually. But turned out to be the most nice company for coffee and treats. I had already sent her another postcard recently, but since we both thought it was forever lost, I prepared this one.

 Meanwhile I also answered a very short but most kind letter from Ana Lucia, from Brazil. She asked me a few nice question, so it was really joyful to reply to her. And also, I prepared another letter for Mariana, since the one I sent along with the first postcard for Maggie seems to still be in an uncertain location. At some point I decided not to send those pretty postcard alone, so I've made a few envelopes with some stationery goodies for each one of them.

Last, but not least, I also wrote something to my dear mother in Porto. Added some tea and a Portuguese lottery - an inside family joke :P I decorated her envelope with this cute pictures of paper sculptures, and a page of a Literature schoolbook. 

I'm praying these letters will reach their rightful owners safe and sound, and sooner the best! Hope it'll put a big smile on your pretty faces :) Wish you a lovely week! 

With love, M.

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