7:13 PM

For almost 7 years I've been living between cities. Although most of my heart, mind and soul will always be in Porto, living alone and "away" made me grow and be able to recognize myself in a way I never thought before. Being alone in a different town, when you're still practically a child can be - at times - a hard lonely road to run. One of good things is the chance to meet nice people. 

Joana was one of those persons that just forces her way into your life with a big loud smile. She is like the good dreamy hurricane we don't believe actually exists. And she is a hug master.
A while back I promised to send her a letter, but we are close to each other most of the year so I just kept on giving her nice things by hand instead of sending through mail. I found some time for myself exactly on Christmas day, so I decided it would be the best gift she could receive from me.
She hasn't received it yet, but I'm hoping she'll like it!

 With love,

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