3:26 PM


I can't find the right words to describe how I hate post services during holidays. That's why I decided to send letters addressed to Portugal only after Christmas. Well, this one is for Rita, and arrived in her mailbox today! 

I found these vintage postcard in a store I'll lately tell you more about, here in Coimbra. I bought some to share with my fellow postcard hunters. I can only hope she'll find it as pretty as I first thought she would. Also I sent her some challenges to bright her days.  

Dear Rita, I hope they'll light your ideas up in some way. Feel free to share them, and your experience through #senditforwardp. I'm sure I can speak for everybody saying we'd love to see what you'll came up with :) Enjoy the journey! Take care.

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  1. Those postcards are lovely. I'm curious about the challenges you sent to Rita. I hope she will share them with the world. :)