LAST CHRISTMAS (+ freebies)

4:52 PM

Or what I was doing for the past weeks. 

This were busy times in my routine. I had some unexpected orders for handmade items in such short notice, that I almost felt like I would never be able to finish everything on time. Well, in fact that would've happen if I actually had taken some time to myself.
Most of you might already seen some of my handmade items, but I decided to show the most special order I've had, wich brought a happy feeling while creating and crafting.

I don't do equals except when I'm specifically asked to. I feel that our place for words must be as unique as the words itself. I love to draw with marker instead of printing, and have the most joyful moments while sketching stickers with ink and aquarelles.
And the best part, because these where Christmas gifts, I has the chance to over-create a little, and decorated the packages with handmade roses and other cuties.
I am a notebook collector, so "having a notebook" of ours is something that I see as a very special connection between us, memory, what we live today and somehow wish to leave for tomorrow. Well, maybe I'm not making any sense, but as notebook addict, trust me when I say it is the best to have a notebook that reflects a bit of who we are, and what we eager to be, I am wrong?

Well, but I'm not here only to show this little word keepers. I'm also here to bring you a new letter set, that I really hope you'll like and find useful. This set includes three examples of letter pages, one of them ruled, and also an envelope! You can download both here and here.
I'm always open to your ideas and tips, feel free to share it with me! :)
With love, 

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