2:08 PM

This was the beautiful surprise I got around Christmas! Dear Claudia (@cloudydaysandletters) sent me this, but because I was gone to Porto for holidays, it only reached me when my boyfriend came to town to meet me for New Year's eve. She is one of the most creative and beautifully colorful persons I know (and I'm a "all blacks" kind of girl). I loved the little bag for photos. It's funny because I don't think I've told her that I love little bags and always glue them on my journals for pictures. So, it was a nice coincidence.
The postcard is a painting of Palamós, her summer village and the most lovely heart shaped papercut that reminds me the portuguese typical ones. So beautiful!

Nowadays I'm a bit behind in all sorts of things. I have some letters in my pile, some pictures to be finished and some orders to be shipped. I'm hoping to find the time I need to catch up with this lovely young lady, as soon as I can. And I hope someday we'll be able to share a nice talk+walk, a hug and the delicious treats - that I miss so much - from "la Boqueria" :)

With love, 

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