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Nícia shared with us her upcoming challenges for this early 2016. I asked her to share "the" three things with all of us, and she took the opportunity.

Snailmail is... to rediscover myself while connectint to others. It is to find myself on others while I find new stuff in me. It's an incredible joy!
I wish to send forward... words of happiness. (Do you know a way which I can do this?)
One story, something good that happened wich was provided by the joy of letterwriting.
Once I messaged a very sweet girl asking to be penpals. When it was my birthday, and we didn't have yet share correspondence, she sent me some small gifts. Along with them she wrote me some words in a postcard, wishing me well. I was very touched by this because we weren't friends yet and I already felt a great love coming her way. She have put so much care on that package that it blew my mind.

Let's hope she'll later tell us what ways she found to accomplish her challenges. Want to be a part of the game? Join in "The Random pen pal" section + Keep tagging your pictures with our hashtag #senditforwardp for a chance to get featured.

With love,

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  1. I found a way! But it will take me a while, hope it will be worthy. The idea is to create little clips with stories related to the challenges. :)

    1. Aww! That'd be incredible! Can't wit to watch it :) take care, sweetie <3